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“skyrocketing paralysis in India related to antiquated Polio treatments.”

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50 Cents A Dose The Movie

A parental journey through America’s secret health care scandal

"It will not go away!"

 (The correlation between vaccine mercury and autism; Thomas V., lead researcher, The study on  Thimerosal Phase 1)

    A father revisits this landmark autism study in which his daughter participated and discovers how seminal revelations were buried.  During the course of making this film, Dr Brian Hooker also records the confession of CDC Whistle blower W. Thompson about his participation in the fraudulent cover up of vaccine/autism data.

    Also on the agenda, the massive Autism Omnibus Proceeding: the seminal vaccine autism case involving 5000 families. (In 2019, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson, broke the story that Dr. Anthony Zimmerman, lead researcher on this case, confessed he was fired from the case, after reporting that vaccines do cause autism).

    Six years in the making, this one-man-project interviews a series of consumer advocates, illuminating the burial of sacred "informed consent", and painting a picture of scandalous cover up at the highest levels of bureaucracy.

    (Please consider supporting objective research at IPAK, a pure public charity research organization focused on reducing human pain and suffering through knowledge without profit motive.  Click this link: IPAK.)

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